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Could 2024 be the year of the podcast? While it’s true that podcasts have been around for many years, it’s in recent years that podcasts have truly blown up. There are now more than 4.25 million registered podcasts, with people all over the world creating content that engages and entertains listeners. In the U.S. alone, more than 82 million people listened to podcasts in 2021, a number that’s expected to grow to over 100 million listeners in 2024.

With podcasting on the rise, it’s worth taking a closer look at the companies behind the podcasts. We bring you the top 7 podcast businesses in the world to watch right now.

1. Riverside


Riverside makes it easy for anyone to record and edit high-quality podcasts. Riverside allows local recording, which helps ensure professional quality at a reasonable price. It’s incredibly easy to use, and podcasters can get to work on their first broadcast in just a few simple clicks.

Used by beginners and podcasting experts, Riverside is a leading platform that makes podcasting simple, but with professional results.

2. Podium


While podcasts look set to be even more popular in 2024, there’s something else set to grow in popularity this year – AI. And the clever people at Podium have found a way to make AI work in the podcasting world.

Podium is a tool that helps make light work of post-production tasks, helping users get their podcasts out into the world quicker. From show notes to transcripts, Podium tackles these tasks in minutes, with excellent results. Writing may not be your strong point, but Podium is about to make things much easier. Use Podium to save time on the admin side of podcasting, helping you dedicate more of your time to the content itself.

3. Auddy


Auddy helps businesses and creators tell their stories through audio, providing a range of podcasting solutions that include strategy, production, distribution, and so much more. Auddy has only been in existence 2020, but it is already making waves in the podcasting world. The platform can help those looking to start a podcast from scratch through to those with a podcast they want to share on a wider scale, providing a range of valuable services that help connect podcasts with those who love listening to them.

4. PodBean


PodBean is a podcasting platform that enables users to develop successful podcasts from creation to monetization. With more than 600,000 users, PodBean is a tool that’s easy to use to create and host podcasts, providing an all-in-one solution for podcasters. Users can also benefit from a free website featuring stylish, responsible templates to help further promote their podcast to listeners.

5. Earworm Podcast Agency


Earworm is the world’s leading podcast agency, providing a wide range of services for brands, influencers and businesses looking to get the most from their podcasts. Earworm understands audiences, and provides services that can help brands and businesses connect with them to achieve excellent results. Solutions include podcast production, visual branding and podcast growth, ensuring clients can achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

6. GetPod


If you’re a beginner looking to try podcasting for the first time, then GetPod is for you. Designed to make podcasting simple, it helps anyone, regardless of their technical ability, start a podcast. With no equipment required, and plenty of resources to teach the ins and outs of podcasting, GetPod is a fantastic platform that could be just what you need to become the next big thing.

7. Veed


Veed will be well-known to content creators, thanks to its huge suite of tools. From video editing to AI tools, Veed makes it easy to produce high-quality content. Among its many useful tools is its Podcast Editor, which helps make light work of podcast editing. It also has tools for automatic transcription and transforming audio podcasts into video podcasts, helping users produce high-quality podcasts with minimal effort. Veed is an online application, making it easy to carry out tasks anytime, anywhere, and with a cancel-anytime subscription, it also offers flexibility to users.

As 2024 gets underway, it will be interesting to see how the podcast world progresses. The tools above provide a range of solutions to help anyone create engaging, professional podcasts, contributing to the diverse and fascinating choice of podcasts on offer to listeners.


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